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Growing Global With Chanie Gluck

Aug 12, 2020

Health Care Practice Management was founded in 1992 by Cindy Groux, CHBME, a proven Practice Administrator who brings over 28 years of experience in her field. Our executives are experienced professionals possessing comprehensive backgrounds in medical management operations. Collectively they bring over 50 years of combined experience in their field.

28 years later, Cindy has established not only a Revenue Cycle Management business, called Health Care Practice Management, but also continues to cultivate relationships between 55 clients in DE, PA, MD, and FL. Now, after 4 years in the tradeshow industry, her daughter Alexis has made the decision to join the 26 extended staff members to learn what the healthcare industry has to offer. She will sit beside her mom, not as her daughter, but as a vehicle to help navigate through these times of change and reinvent Health Care Practice Management. We will explore their insights, knowledge, challenges, and solutions from mother to daughter relationships in the workforce, transitioning office to homes, and so much more.


  • [01:50] How their current mother daughter business relationship is working out
  • [03:10] Alexis shares her educational background, future plans,  and her path into being involved in the business
  • [06:45] Alexis shares the opportunities that she sees in healthcare 
  • [08:40] How Covid-19 rocked Cindy's business and the possibilities of remote work
  • [13:10] How their employees feel about remote working
  • [14:10] Cindy shares her recommended software for remote productivity
  • [17:20] Compliance issues and how they reassure their clients
  • [18:20] How their family dynamic changed working hand in hand with the business
    [27:00] Cindy shares the feeling of being an adviser to her clients
  • [32:30] How Cindy keeps her relationship with her clients
  • [35:23] Cindy shares her life and business advice
  • [36:40] Alexis shares the lessons she learned from her mom


Connect with Cindy and Alexis